We are dynamic software development partner and consultancy purposefully built for

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Our deep understanding of business and technology is what help us grow. TecX.ai is product and consulting company for Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, AI BOTS, Mobile and Web Development with a special focus on Security, Scale and Performance.

Innovative Products

We build great products for our clients and customers. Speak with our team to understand our Concept-to-Code model. We use latest technology stack to build outstanding products for you.

Custom Corda Development

We build custom blockchain solutions for various industries. Our experts develop decentralized blockchain networks and smart contracts. We ensure that these solutions meet the highest security and transparency standards..

Artifical Intelligance

We build custom software that assists in data analytics, streamline decision-making, and eliminate repetitive tasks. Our AI software development services include machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and computer vision.

We converts the idea into reality

Custom Blockchain Development

We analyze the feasibility of your idea and consult you with the right technology solution. We aim to optimize the business processes of our customers by building scalable and secure digital solutions for them.

  • Blockchain Technology Consulting.
  • dApps Development .
  • Tokenization.
  • Corda and hyperledger development.
  • Smart Contracts.
Expert Resources and Hiring


We build products using latest technology and design principals

We support the ecosystem by extending our expert developers to solve your problems. We got skilled AWS, Full-stack, Angular, API ,Corda and Machine learning experts.

  • Corda Developers.
  • AWS Experts.
  • Full Stack Developers.
  • Big data developers.
  • Machine learning experts.
Design and Product Audits

Reliable AI and Blockchain

Our expert review your vendor products for any data leakages and design flaws.Our team support your digital transformation journey.

  • Design Audit
  • Vendor Contract Review.
  • DevOps.
  • Risk mitigation plan.
  • Internal staff training.
Our team of professionals will guide you through technology adoption and integration whether you are a newbie or an expert.

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